About Me

I am an accomplished Reflexologist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Master Toe Reader.  I am Nationally Certified with NCBTMB and ABMP.  I am also a custom database designer working in SQL, Visual Basic and MS Access. 

I have been doing Computer/Consulting for over 20 years starting my career at Ford Motor Co's World Headquarters in Dearborn, MI. My husband, Don and I moved to the wonderful Arizona desert in 1994 after our two daughters, Andrea and Kelly graduated from High School. In 1998, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After a year of treatment, I decided I needed to do something more with my life.  As anyone knows who has survived a debilitating disease, it is a life-changing event and thoughts of "Why did I survive?, Why am I still here?" started to haunt my nights. 

Thankfully, the next year our first granddaughter, Daesha was born.  She thrilled and delighted me and had me looking for a new cause.  The first thing I did upon recovery, was volunteer to serve on the Phoenix Komen Race for the Cure for three years, the last two as their Computer Consultant/Web Designer. With my brother Ted's charity and help, we created/maintained their first website.  What a great feeling.  But I felt it still wasn't enough.  I took a year out of my busy life and trained for the Avon 3-day 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk (now the Susan G. Komen 3-day) with my oldest sister, denny.  Talk about another Life-Changing event.  If you have a strong conviction to do that walk, I highly recommend it.

Then finally in 2003, while visiting Door County, WI during a week- long family Wedding/vacation, my niece Stephanie decided a massage was due for her bridal party and I was invited along.  I decided at that moment in that little house on the water that was converted into a wellness sanctuary, that I was going to do what I really love to do, help people! 

Upon our return to Phoenix, I toured a number of massage schools.  But walking through the doors of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (www.SWIHA.org) in Tempe, Arizona, made me feel like I was finally home.  I had already been doing Reflexology on family and friends for over 10 years.  After being talked into a Toe Reading class, I realized then and there, that I did not know enough about Reflexology and from that day until I graduated, I took every Reflexology class they offered and any class that has interested me since.  

I have been able to use my skills in offering comfort, relaxation and hope to many of my family members and friends.  Also, helping people on their spiritual path in discovering the answers to their questions. One of the most humblest times I experienced was just recently in December 2008. I was there with my father holding his feet as he peacefully passed away into that last good night with his loved ones around him.  My passion is truly a gift I have thanked God for often.

The tie between Reflexology, Toe Reading, our emotions and the depths of our soul is so closely linked, that to study one without the other would have left me in doubt of the ability that I have to help anyone willing to put their sole/soul before me.  My confidence and conviction in Reflexology/Toe Reading is strong.  I would like to help build that confidence in you.

I am at your service. 

Cheryl Speen